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5 posts in April 2013

  • Savvy Saver Tip #129

    Welcome to week #3 of our Savvy Saver Tips!

    Not only does boiling water in the microwave energy and money, but it also cuts the boiling time in half! This is because the microwave’s heat waves are focused on the liquid inside, not on heating the container around it. Therefore, most (if not all) of the energy generated is used to heat the water only. When you use the microwave to boil water instead of the stove, make sure that you stir the water to ensure that it’s heated evenly!

    Hope you all are enjoying these quick & easy money-saving tips!

  • Boost Your Income: Earn $300 This Month

    Running low on cash? Thanks to the internet, making money from the convenience of your own home has never been easier. Today, there’s an abundance of websites that allow you to make money online. These are our top five ways you can boost your income by $300 this month:

    1.) Turn outgrown kids clothes into cash! The website, thredUP.com allows you to buy and sell practically new children’s clothing from your home. You can earn cash for clothes you’d otherwise give away and you can spend it where you’d like. Their site makes the selling process fast, easy and convenient! Simply order a free thredUP Clean Out bag online, fill the bag with like-new children’s clothing and put it outside for pick-up (yes, shipping is free)! ThredUP will inspect your clothes and pay you up to 40% of the resale value upfront.

    2.) Sell back your electronics that you no longer use! Gazelle.com is a great place to help you upgrade your devices faster or just help you put a little extra cash in your pocket. Gazelle will pay you for the cell phones, iPads, Macs and other Apple devices that you no longer need. Getting an offer for your electronic devices is quick, easy and free. Gazelle offers free shipping and free removal of all your personal data from every item they receive.

    3.) Trade your unwanted and unused gift cards for cash! Gift card exchange websites such as, GiftCardRescue.com, allow customers to sell unwanted gift cards for up to 90% cash back and purchase discounted gift cards from over 250 major retailers. With over $1.7 billion in gift cards unspent each year, GiftCardRescue.com provides the easiest, safest, and fastest way to get the most of out of your unused gift cards. To sell a gift card, log onto their site, click the “sell gift cards” tab, type in your gift card merchant, value, and expiration date. Once you have completed this, you’ll be sent an instant offer with instructions on how to redeem your payment.

    4.) Make money from your iPhone and become a mobile app tester! uTest.com provides in-the-wild testing services that span the entire software development cycle. People that have the time and desire to test iPhone apps and discover bugs can be rewarded payments for their efforts. When you sign up for uTest, you build a reputation on the basis of the testing they have done so far. A better reputation signifies access to more profitable app testing opportunities.

    5.) Make money by completing easy tasks! Amazon Mechanical Turk lets you earn money working on Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). These are tasks that computers and software cannot do, so it requires a person to get the job done. You choose an assignment, and on completion, are credited with payment to your account. The jobs include simple tasks such as labeling images, visiting a website and giving feedback, translating audio files into text, and rewriting a sentence in your own words. They usually only take a few minutes to complete and can pay up to $30 or more per task!

  • How-To Work More Efficiently Online

    With all the distractions that the internet provides, sometimes it’s a struggle just to stay focused on the task at hand. With social media, gossip websites and online shopping, some people find themselves spending the majority of the day not getting any work done. The truth is no one’s completely attentive to their work 100 percent of the time. I think it’s safe to say we can all use some guidance when it comes to avoiding interruptions in the office. If you regularly lose focus at work, here are some things you can do to avoid temptation and stay on task:

    1.) Get in the Zone-Surprisingly, music doesn’t contribute to us being distracted at work, it actually does the complete opposite, so go ahead and crank up your favorite tunes (just not TOO loud). Some sites that’ll allow you to get a good flow with awesome music streams are Spotify, SoundCloud, and Incredibox.

    2.) Remove the Clutter-Today, there are multiple tools available that will help you become a lot more organized and efficient with your online tasks. The first tool, Blossom, is a web app that helps you keep track of your development and personal goal tracking. The second tool is called MindMeister this is an amazing tool that helps you to brainstorm your most important tasks and capture them as mind maps. The last tool, Kippt, is a brand new approach to keeping your bookmarks. This tool lets you save links, read articles, watch videos and share notes as a public streams and engage in an amazing feed of content.

    3.) Put Your Health First- Now, you may be wondering how this will help you work more efficiently online, but it actually makes a huge difference. Getting at least eight hours of sleep a night is vital to your productivity. Lack of sleep makes you tired, irritable, and erodes your lack of focus. Also, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Even being a little dehydrated can make you sluggish and more susceptible to distractions.

    4.) Read for Motivation-Inspire yourself to be more productive by reading articles. They’ll help kick your productivity up a gear and stay on task when your feeling distracted. The first article is written by the master of productivity, Leo Babauta of ZenHabits. How To Be Insanely Productive and Still Keep Smiling is not just about getting more done, it’s about developing a happier self. The second article, The 10 Laws of Productivity, provides some very valuable lessons, as well as, how you align your productivity with your day. The last article, Why Boredom is Good for Your Creativity, is an interesting post about where creativity comes from.

    5.) Reflect & Prepare-At the end of every work day, take time to reflect on your work and think about what you want to focus on tomorrow. Make a short list of your priorities and goals for the next day, then review the list when you come in. Once you start doing this, you’ll also be able to look at your priority list at the end of the day and see what you did/didn’t accomplish. Use this list to keep you motivated throughout your work day.

  • Savvy Saver Tip #122

    This is the second week for the release of our Savvy Saver Tips! This week’s tip helps you conserve more gas. Our blog yesterday, also provides you with some more helpful tips and tricks on ways you lower your cost at the pump. Aggressive driving not only uses more gas, but also increases your chance of getting into a collision. Relax, don’t speed, and enjoy the ride.

  • Coupons for Gasoline? Yes, please!

    With the recent increase in gas prices, consumers are finding that fuel costs have taken a hefty bite out of their income. According to the Oil Price Information Service, driver’s today spend nearly 8.5 % of their income on gasoline. However, most people don’t realize that they can ease the burden of high gas prices by taking advantage of coupons, discounts and savings cards.

    Gas stations are aware of the trouble that high prices are causing consumers, so they now offer coupons for discounts on gas. The gas coupons can be found in local newspapers, circulars, or online. Something as simple as a quick web search can result in coupons for as much as 7 cents off per gallon. That 7 cents can really add up when you plan on filling up your entire tank. 

    Even though these extra discounts offer great news, finding an online coupon for a gas station near you is the real challenge. Even if you do find one, you may actually save more money by using other methods. For example, filling up at warehouse stores like Sam’s Club or Costco, offer additional gas discounts to members.

    Deals can also be found through big-name grocery stores. For example, Giant let’s consumers accumulate points on their club card. Those points can then be exchanged for discounts on gas at select locations. Typically, for every $100 spent on groceries at Giant, consumers will earn 10 cents off per gallon of gas.

    Grocery store’s gas reward programs are becoming increasingly popular because people love to save money at the pump. With gas prices only expected to increase, it’s important to take advantage of any discount programs or coupons available. While many Americans continue to struggle in our economy, we want to help you get the most for your money.

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