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  • Prepaid Card Review: Direct Express Card

    This is a review of the Direct Express Debit MasterCard. It is part of our Prepaid Card Review series where we provide insight and useful tips regarding prepaid debit cards we find interesting. The Direct Express card is unique – because it is specifically designed to be used by those receiving federal government benefits like Social Security and Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. The Treasury Department recently gave a directive that required all government benefits to be paid electronically. This was done to eliminate the expense of mailing out checks to millions of recipients each month. See the video below for the announcement:

    As a result, recipients of government benefits now have two options in getting their benefits:

    1. You can choose to get your Social Security or VA benefits deposited into your checking or savings account with a bank or credit union (to find a credit union, checkout the federal credit union directory). To sign up for Direct Deposit, click here. You will need a few documents as outlined in the image below:

  • Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

    As Sunday night rolls around, many of us begin to experience the Monday blues. As a new week embarks, we find ourselves sitting at our desk Monday morning, guzzling numerous cups of coffee just to get through the day. During some point or another we all start day dreaming about being anywhere but work. Imagining yourself relaxing on a tropical island, far way from the “real world.” With the warm sun beating down on your face and a cold drink in your hand. I mean, what sounds better?

    Many people wish they were enjoying a vacation, but never actually take one due to the expenses that comes along with it. According to Kelton Research, the average working American was left with 9.2 unused vacation days this year. This number is up from 6.2 unused vacation days in 2011. Almost half of the respondents said that they don’t use their allotted time because of their lengthy to-do list, job insecurity and tight budget. Taking a vacation should no longer be considered a luxury, but a necessity.

  • When Mobile Coupons & Discounted Gift Cards Collide!

    If you’re like most people visiting the mall or heading out to eat dinner with the family, you’re usually at the mercy of your favorite retailers and restaurants when it comes to the prices you’ll pay. Sure, you might catch a sale or special, but, for the most part, you expect to shell out the number printed on the price tag. Saving money takes a lot of strategizing, organization, and planning, right? Scouring the paper for coupons (and actually remembering to bring them to the store with you before they expire) plus constantly researching store sales and promotions can be exhausting and, honestly, not worth the effort. But there are simple, easy, frugal shopping tactics you can take up, today, without wasting time or sanity.

    Mobile couponing app, SnipSnap, lets you take pictures of your coupons and integrate them into your phone, so you’re never left without all that free money you receive in the mail again. The app also grants you access to thousands of coupons other users are uploading every second, so you can tap into more savings than ever before. Think you should save more at your favorite store? Frustrated when you receive a gift card for a store you’ve never shopped at in your life? At we pay users cold, hard cash for those gift cards they’ll never use, then sell those gift cards at steep discounts to savvy shoppers who can use them to buy more for less at their favorite stores.

    Mobile coupons and discounted gift cards are both extremely easy ways to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year, but you can grow your savings exponentially when you use the two together! That’s why we’ve teamed up with SnipSnap to create a new series, dedicated to showing you how stacking mobile coupons and discounted gift cards can save you tons of money and transform your life. We’re calling it When Mobile Coupons and Discount Gift Cards Collide. Catchy, huh? Check out this week’s gift card/coupon match-ups!

    What you can save this week:

    Discounted JCPenney Gift Card → Purchased $156.00 gift card at 22% off → Paid $121.68

    Savings of $34.32

    Purchase Providence Kitchen Cart → Original $225.00 → Sale $155.00

    Savings of $70.00

    SnipSnap 15% Off Coupon w/Code: UDESERVE → Original $155.00 → With Coupon $132.60

    Savings of $23.25

    Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue & SnipSnap → $127.57

    Discounted Starbucks Gift Card → Purchased $40.00 gift card at 17% off → Paid $33.20

    Savings of $6.80

    Purchase Grande Cool Lime Refresher → Original $4.65

    SnipSnap $2.00 Off Coupon → Original $4.65 → With Coupon $2.65

    Savings of $2.00

    Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue & SnipSnap → $9.45

    Discounted PetCo Gift Card → Purchased $77.36 gift card at 15% off → Paid $65.75

    Savings of $12.01

    Purchase Petmate Navigator Pet Kennel → Original $89.99 → Sale $80.99

    Savings of $9.00

    SnipSnap $7 off $30 Coupon w/Code: AFFREG → Original $80.99 → With Coupon $73.99

    Savings of $7.00

    Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue & SnipSnap → $28.01

    Discounted The Limited Gift Card → Purchased $86.63 gift card at 30% off → Paid $60.64

    Savings of $25.99

    Purchase 678 Zip-Ankle Skinny Jeans → Original $79.90 → Sale $49.90

    Savings of $30.00

    SnipSnap 40% Off Coupon w/Code: MAY40 → Original $49.90 → With Coupon $29.90

    Savings of $20.00

    Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue & SnipSnap → $75.99

    Discounted L.L. Bean Gift Card → Purchased $50.00 gift card at 12% off → Paid $44.00

    Savings of $6.00

    Purchase Large Adventure Duffle → Original $64.95 → Sale $54.99

    Savings of $9.96

    SnipSnap Free Shipping Coupon → You Save $7.95 in Shipping Fees

    Total Savings with Gift Card Rescue & SnipSnap → $23.91

    Where are you planning on shopping/eating out this weekend? Let us know any great deals you get by combining and SnipSnap!

    Have a great weekend & happy savings! :)

  • Plastic Jungle Closes Their Doors

    On the evening of Monday, May 13th gift card exchange website, Plastic Jungle, sent out a surprising email to all of their consumers. Plastic Jungle announced that they would no longer be buying and selling gift cards directly to and from consumers. Plastic Jungle has been an industry leader in the gift card exchange business for seven years. They were funded in 2006 with a $40 million venture capital. This allowed them to offer the best discounts and rates on gift cards in the market.

    As a boot-strapped start up business, we are happy and proud to say that we are still continuing to thrive in the gift card exchange industry. Our success has not come easy. We are an extremely small business, so being able to outlast a company as large as Plastic Jungle is an eye opener for us. We only continue to grow in this highly competitive industry. We pride ourselves for offering some of the best rates in the business and providing our consumers with a safe, fast and reliable gift card marketplace.

    Below you will find the text of the email that Plastic Jungle sent out yesterday:

    The team at Plastic Jungle would like to thank you for your participation in our gift card programs over the past seven years. Since 2006, Plastic Jungle has been a leader in providing you with great deals on gift cards in a secure marketplace.

    As our business has grown and evolved, we have seen that the greatest potential for Plastic Jungle’s long-term success is in working directly with our business partners. As a result, we will no longer be buying and selling gift cards at This change is taking place effective today.

    With this transition, there are a few important things you should know. First, all orders currently being processed will be honored with the same guarantee of service and safety that we have upheld for seven years. Second, our website will be available to allow you to access your account and retrieve gift cards until November 1, 2013. Third, Plastic Jungle will continue to offer gift card exchange services to customers through our partners. Finally, our customer service desk will remain open during this period to answer inquiries and resolve any concerns. If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit our FAQs page or contact Plastic Jungle Customer Success at

    Thank you again for being an important part of the Plastic Jungle family over the past seven years. We appreciate all of your support as we begin this exciting new mission as a company.

    All the best, The Plastic Jungle Team

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