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Inc500 204x185 2c2c83a912d4c79dc99334db9530ac692e8e84c9ac9a653ae521beeb2beb6cf5 Releases List of Top 20 Most Wanted Gift Cards in 2012

Ellicott City, MD — Gift cards remain the most popular holiday giveaway among adults. However, how does one make the perfect choice out of hundreds of cards?, the popular gift card exchange site, has been surveying its customers for the past five years in order to answer this question. The result this year, based on a national sample of approximately 20,000 gift card wish lists, is the company’s 5th annual Top 20 Most Wanted Gift Cards of 2012.

Topping this year’s list is Wal-Mart, followed by Target, McDonald’s, and Home Depot.

“What has been remarkable to watch is the steady rise of McDonald’s gift cards in the rankings over the last few years to claim the number three spot in 2012,” says Kwame Kuadey, CEO & Founder of “Other than that, the Top five most wanted gift cards have remained consistent.”

In order to provide gift card shoppers more insight, this year's list has a breakdown of the top gift cards by category, including the most wanted gift cards under Restaurants, Clothing and Shoes, Electronics and Appliances, Sports and Outdoors and more.

For images of the Top 20 Most Wanted Gift Cards of 2012 and a further breakdown by merchant categories, visit

Here is the list of the Top 20 Gift Cards of 2012, listed in order of popularity:

  1. Wal-Mart
  2. Target
  3. McDonald’s
  5. Home Depot
  6. Lowe’s
  7. Costco
  8. Subway
  9. Visa
  10. eBay
  11. JC Penny
  12. Starbucks
  13. Kohl’s
  14. Darden Restaurants
  15. Walgreens
  16. CVS
  17. Best Buy
  18. Shell
  19. Macy’s
  20. Wendy's


Based in Ellicott City, Maryland, is the fastest growing gift card exchange site. The company buys gift cards from those who don’t want them and sells them to those who would use them. Consumers can get up to 90% cash back for their unwanted gift cards and save up to 30% on discounted gift cards to over 400 national merchants. guarantees all transactions and is backed by the best customer support team in the industry

Kwame Kuadey, 301-437-7719


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