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Gift Card Exchange Company Helps Consumers Save on Back to School Shopping

Ellicott City, MD — released its “Top 10 Gift Cards” list for back to school shopping on Thursday, August 15th. Accompanying the gift card list is a series of discounts and shopping tips that each merchant is offering during the 2013 back to school shopping season. The discounts and shopping tips consist of coupon codes, rewards and savings passes, product promotions and free gifts with purchase.

The popular gift card exchange company is known for the release of their “Top 10 Gift Cards” lists; however, this is the first time they’ve ever released a series of corresponding discounts and promotions for each merchant. ”We wanted to add a new money-saving aspect to our already popular ‘Top 10 Gift Cards’ list,” says Marketing Analyst, Carrie Brenner. “Our goal is to help our consumers save more; by combining discounted gift cards and store promotions; consumers can do just that.”

According to the National Retail Federation, the average family will spend more than $680 to stock their students with supplies for the new school year. In total, that spending adds up to about $74 billion this year. That’s enough to label back to school shopping season as the second largest consumer spending event for retailers (behind the winter holidays).

With this in mind, has taken it upon themselves to help reduce the financial burden that back to school shopping places upon the average family. “With back to school spending at a record high, we want to provide our consumers with resources that will allow them to maximize their savings and get the most for their money,” says Founder and CEO of, Kwame Kuadey. “With the economy still weighing heavy on consumers, we understand that saving money has never been more important. Spending less and shopping smart will be critical to consumers this back to school season.”


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