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  • Deals and Steals: Kohl's Friends & Family Sale - Ends Today!

    GCR’s 30 Deals in 30 Days presents the Kohl’s Friends & Family Sale that ends November 22nd.

    Take an additional 20% OFF orders with the coupon code WEGET20 plus free shipping on any order over $50. You also have the option to buy online and pick up in store.

    You can purchase a gift for everyone in the family with the different departments: women, mens, kids, juniors, jewelry, shoes, kitchen & dining, and bed & bath.

  • The New Eva Mendez Collection

    Eva Mendez recently released her new line of clothing at New York and Company and it is a storm of colors and patterns that are unlike other clothing lines. The collection includes plenty of free flowing dresses, skirts, turtle necks, loose fitting pants and lots of floral prints. Eva brings a classy but comfortable look to her fashion brand, proving that woman can be sexy without under dressing.

    Eva says that it was easy to pick a fashion since it is a reflection of her closet in her clothing line. She pushes to create clothing that makes women feel good about themselves for an affordable price. New York and Company was able to turn her dream into a reality and provides her pieces for between $20 and $100 online and in stores. By pairing clearance Eva Mendes clothing with a discounted gift card for NY&C you have the ability to save up to 70% off!

    Eva talks about her clothing line and you can see her passion in this video: Family is a top priority and a huge influence in her decision to create a clothing line that keeps busy women fashionable at an affordable price. supports these values and promotes customers to buy discounted gift cards for NY&C to save money whenever possible. “We offer gift card to NY&C to our customers for up to 37% off so the Eva Mendes collection can be affordable to everyone!” This New York and Company dress is clearance at 30% off, if you buy NY&C gift cards at a discount, you will be saving 67%.

    The 41 year old actress shows no signs of slowing down; she and boyfriend, Ryan Gosling recently had their first daughter and now Eva has new motivation to push her fashion products. According to Eva, she wants to show her daughter how to be a strong and successful woman.

    Eva isn’t stressing about her baby weight and doesn’t feel she needs to ‘bounce back’. In an interview she states “I feel like we can be really hard on each other.” Ryan and her are not hiring a nanny and plan to raise their daughter with the same family values that Eva promotes through her brand.

    If there was ever a designer to fall in love with this fall it is Eva Mendes and you can save on gift cards to make all of her outfits affordable. I look forward to seeing all the bright colors of her collection this fall.

  • What is Gift Card Giving?

    Are you a nonprofit looking on unique ways to increase your donation stream?

    Gift Card Giving is a new and innovative fundraising program for nonprofit organizations. The Gift Card Giving program allows nonprofits to be able to collect gift cards and merchandise credits from potential donors. Once the gift cards are donated, Gift Card Giving takes over from there, providing a way to get cash for the nonprofit from the donated gift cards. Gift Card Giving utilizes the increasing popularity of gift cards to help a good cause. With over 44 billion dollars going unused in gift cards since 2008, gift card donation is the next generation donation method.

    Many nonprofits are left struggling to get donations after the holiday rush in December. Gift Card Giving gives nonprofit organizations the ability to increase donations in the first quarter. All those left over gift cards from the holidays can be utilized instead of being left unused in sock drawers.

    Interested in Donating an unwanted gift card or merchandise credit?

    Gift Card Giving emerged from the desire to provide nonprofits with the opportunity to tap into a new method of donations. This year there will be a projected $750 million in gift cards that will not be used. Donating your unwanted gift cards has never been easier. Ask your local nonprofits if they accept gift cards as donation. If they do not, visit the Gift Card Giving website to donate to a participating nonprofit.

    Once your gift card is donated, Gift Card Giving will liquidate the gift card using the Gift Card Rescue website. Your chosen participating nonprofit will then receive that cash! Gift card donations are accepted all year but don’t forget to mark January 20th, 2016 on your calendar to participate in the 2nd annual Gift Card Giving Day.

    Sign up a nonprofit or donate TODAY!

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