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  • Don't Become a Victim of Gift Card Scams!

    With the increased popularity of internet over the past ten years, along came the rise of scams. With thousands of different websites on the World Wide Web, how do you know which are a scam and which are legitimate? Sites that allow people to list goods for purchase or sale, such as Craig’s List, eBay and Amazon are especially susceptible to scams. .

    The news station WRDQ in Orlando, Florida recently featured a story involving a college student who was scammed when trying to sell her gift card on Craig’s List. The student listed her $125 Target gift card that she had won at a party on the site. She chose Craig’s List because she had friends that did the same and successfully sold their cards for cash. Soon after posting on the site, the student received an offer from someone who claimed to be in Orlando and was willing to pay $100 for the gift card. The buyer wanted to confirm how much money was on the gift card by calling Target; However, in the process, he was able to retrieve her card information and use the gift card without paying for it through a three-way phone call.

    The college student realized that she had been scammed when the buyer never showed up to purchase the gift card from her. When she called Target, they informed her that her balance on the gift card was now zero dollars. Security experts say that scammers can use a program to record phone tones and turn them into card access codes. They can then use the access codes to either purchase products online or transfer the balance to an existing card.

    According to the Better Business Bureau, online buyers remain the biggest target for scams because they think they are getting a deal from online sellers. To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, it’s extremely important to research the buyer/company before you consider doing business with them. When selling or purchasing a gift card, make sure you use a legitimate company like to ensure that you aren’t being scammed!

    To watch the full WRDC news story, click the link below.

    WRDQ Orlando, Florida Gift Card Scam Segment

  • Top 5 Gift Card Facts for 2012

      href=””> Fact #1[/caption]
    • According to CEB TowerGroup, propelling gift card sales past the $100 billion mark is due to an increase in open loop gift card purchases. Such as those offered by American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover ($40 billion), restaurant gift cards ($19 billion) and merchant gift cards ($36 billion).
    • By the year 2015, gift cards are expected to deliver $138 billion in sales
    href=””> Fact #2[/caption]
    • According to the National Retail Federation, this is the highest amount recorded in the survey’s ten year history.
    • The number one reason shoppers buy gift cards is because they allow the recipient to select their own gift. More than one in five (22%) gift givers say they’ll buy gift cards because they are easier and faster than traditional gifts.
    href=””> Fact #3[/caption]
    • As in previous years, men plan to spend significantly more on gift cards than women. Men shell out an average of $172.92 on gift cards during the holiday season versus women’s $141.66.
    • According to the National Retail Federation, consumers spend an average of $43.75 on each gift card they purchase.
    href=””> Fact #4[/caption]
    • The steady rise of demand for McDonald’s gift cards has landed the fast food chain in the “Top 5 Most Wanted Gift Cards” for the first time. Other than McDonalds, the annual “Top 5” list has remained consistent.
    • Click here to read our official press release, along with the “Top 20 Most Wanted Gift Cards of 2012.”
    • While electronic gift card sales have increased since tracking began in 2010, sales in 2012 reflected to be slower than initially projected.
    • According to CEB TowerGroup, 75 percent of consumers will spend the full amount of money on the card and 30 percent will spend $25 more than the value of the card. This is helping to lower spillage, which is the amount of money left on the gift card that a consumer never spends, to $1.7 billion.
    Click here to view our official press release for the “Top 5 Gift Cards Facts for 2012”

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