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4 posts in May 2013

  • Did Plastic Jungle go out of business?

    Gift Card Exchange site Plastic Jungle will no longer Buy & Sell gift cards on their website, according to an announcement posted on the company’s website on May 13, 2013 (see below). If you are a Plastic Jungle customer and are looking for another safe place to buy or sell your gift cards, would love to earn your business. Not only will you get the best prices but we provide the best customer support in the industry. We encourage you to call us at 1-877-800-4413 or email us at and we look forward to the opportunity to meet your gift card needs.

    If you are a Bulk Supplier of gift cards to Plastic Jungle, call the Gift Card Rescue bulk department at 410-696-2216 and a bulk representative will be happy to speak with you about our bulk supplier program – including our multiple payment options, dedicated support team, fast payments and marketing support.

    Plastic Jungle Will Not Buy or Sell Gift Cards Anymore
  • Curb Your Urge: How-to shop smart this summer

    the weather continues to heat up and we inch closer and closer to summer, before you know it you’ll be firing up the grill. In my opinion, summer is the best season for food. I can’t resist anything cooked on the grill. During the summer, I’m usually tempted to over-spend at the grocery store because I want to buy anything and everything I can cook on the grill! All the fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, chicken and steaks are sometimes just too good to resist!

    Well, I’ve decided that this summer my constant over-spending at the grocery store is going to change. I’ll still be eating all the fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood and meat that I want, but this year I’ll be shopping smarter. One of my major problems is that when I see all the beautiful, sweet smelling produce I have the urge to buy everything in sight. Before I know it, my kitchen’s over-flowing with all the food that I purchased. I know you’re probably thinking, “What’s the problem?” Well, the problem is that now I have an unnecessary amount of fresh produce in my house. It will be nearly impossible to cook and eat it all before it perishes. Now I’m faced with having to throw out any food that went bad before it had the chance to be eaten. Talk about money down the drain!

    I know I’m not alone here. More than likely, many of you have encountered this problem, but you just haven’t realized it was because of your over-zealous spending at the grocery store. To curb my urge to buy everything in sight, I’ve compiled a list of tips that will eliminate my summertime over-spending.

    According to personal finance website,, over-spending on food happens for a number of reasons. Those reasons range from poor planning to encountering deals that seem too good to pass up. For me, I think my major issue stems from poor planning. Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds them self throwing out food that has gone bad. found that the average person ends up wasting over 200 pounds of food each year!

    With that said, my first tip to eliminate over-spending at the grocery store is to plan out your meals for the week. By doing this before you go shopping, you can avoid access waste and won’t end up spending money on food that will never get eaten. If you want to go the extra mile and save even more, plan your meals around what’s on sale at your local grocery store that week. Just look in your local newspaper for a sale circular. Don’t get the newspaper? No worries, you can also find these online in a PDF downloadable form.

    To go along with planning your meals for the week, my second tip is to make a list. The most important part about making a list is sticking to it! Making a grocery list can help you spend considerably less on food, but only if you stick to it. When you go grocery shopping, make sure you’re focused on the task at hand. If you’re not, you’re more likely to purchase items that aren’t on your list. To avoid all temptation, make sure you eat before you shop. Grocery shopping hungry can cause you to spend 15 percent more!

    My third and final tip for not over-spending at the grocery store this summer is to avoid buy three, get one free sales! Yes, this may sound like a great deal at first but in reality this is just a way the grocery store entices you to buy more. They want you to purchase more items so it will increase your bill, as well as, the average number of products per purchase. Sometimes the buy three, get one free and two for $5 deals don’t actually save you any money. Sometimes the merchants will do this because this combination of numbers and prices sound cheaper than just the listing price alone. Next time do the math, make sure you’re getting an actual deal, and don’t buy three boxes of crackers if you don’t need them!

    If you want to avoid over-spending this summer, these tips should definitely help you cut down on costs. Remember you can have it all; you just don’t need it all at that exact moment! Wait for things to go on sale, plan your meals for the week, don’t waste food, avoid those sneaky “deals,” and stick to your list! If you do all of these things you will notice a decline in your total food cost this summer. These easy tips can really make a BIG difference! Happy smart shopping everyone! :)

  • Top 10 Gift Cards for Mother's Day

    Mother’s Day is the one day a year that’s set aside to show your appreciation for the special women or as I like to call them, “Super Women,” in your life. Whether they are your mother or an inspirational female figure, they all have one thing in common. They don’t get the credit they deserve on a daily basis. Since they’re deprived of this praise all year, Mother’s Day is the one day you have to make up for this deprivation and honor the “Super Women” in your life.

    These women have the hardest (non-paying) job of them all, so it’s only fitting that you treat like the Queen of England, even if it’s only for one day. Since Mother’s Day is a time to show your appreciation, it’s extremely important that you give a gift that she’ll actually like. Sometimes this can be a tricky task, but we’re here to help make that a little easier for you!

    Every year before the holiday season, we release our annual Top 20 Most Wanted Gift Card list to help give shoppers gift ideas for those hard-to-shop-for people in their life. This year, we’ve decided to release our Most Wanted list for popular gift-giving holidays, starting with Mother’s Day.

    This year, Mother’s Day gift card sales are expected to reach $1.8 billion, increasing 2.2 percent from 2012 (IBISWorld). Gift Cards have been deemed the second popular gifts to give on Mother’s Day (flowers is first) because it allows moms to treat themselves to something special. Consumers have slowly returned to splurging on gifts for holidays such as Mother’s Day since the 2008 recession.

    Our Top 10 Most Wanted Gift Cards for Mother’s Day list is based on a national survey completed by consumers who plan on giving or receiving a gift card this Mother’s Day. Topping the list and claiming the number one spot by a landslide is, followed by Visa, Target and Wal-Mart.  It’s not surprising that grabbed our number one spot. Consumers love Amazon because they offer one of the largest product assortments anywhere, it’s convenient and reliable.

    As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, make sure you get that special woman in your life something she’ll love! You can’t go wrong with a gift card to her favorite store, restaurant  or spa. If you don’t know what her favorite is, then our list is here to help you out. She’s sure to love any of our Top 10 picks. Happy Mother’s Day to all those hard-working, selfless women out there!

    You can find our official press release here, as well as, our full Top 10 Gift Card list for Mother’s Day below:

  • Ditch Your Phone for Deals

    Next time you go to a restaurant, whether it’s fine or casual dining, look around the room. There’s an 80 percent chance that at least one person at every table is either on their phone or has it easily accessible. Recently, CNNMoney found that some restaurants dislike customers’ over zealous use of cell phones so much that they’re offering discounts to those who opt to go without their portable device during their dining experience.

    Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles now offers a 5 percent discount when customers choose to leave their phones with the receptionist for the entirety of the meal. Since this policy has gone into effect, the restaurant estimates that 50 percent of customers have opted to ditch their phones. Restaurant owner and chef, Mark Gold, says that he wants people to connect again.

    He came up with the idea after speaking with colleagues about how annoying he found it when people were on their smart phones during dinner. The restaurant notifies all of its customers about the cell phone policy with a statement on their menu. Plenty of restaurants ask their customers to refrain from using their cell phone, but this high-scale LA restaurant is the first to offer a discount for surrendering your phone for the duration of the meal.

    Gold says that his customers have become really enthusiastic about the new policy.  He thinks that people genuinely like the idea of being able to turn off their phone and enjoy their meal, as well as, each other’s company.

    Last year, Rogue 24, a Washington D.C. eatery gained rapid press for requiring their diners to submit a two-page contract before their reservations were accepted. The contract included the ban of camera and cell phone use in their restaurant. Owner RJ Cooper later relaxed his contract rules, due to the poor press his restaurant was receiving.

    These restaurant owners’ motives for banning cell phone use aren’t completely out of the ordinary. The University of Essex conducted a study that links cell phones to decreased interpersonal connection. Study participants held conversations in pairs, half with a cell phone present and the other half without. Couples who conversed with a cell phone present reported lower relationship quality and less closeness.

    The study concluded that interacting without a cell phone helps to foster connectedness, trust, and perceptions of empathy. Gold wants to bring those relationship building opportunities into the fabric of his business. Offering a discount for refraining from cell phone use may not be such a bad idea after all. It allows the diner to save a little money, as well as, enjoy their meal and connect with their company, distraction-free.

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