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  • Customized Graduation Gift Ideas

    Do you have a graduate you need a gift for? The best gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money. Some of the most meaningful presents are those that are personalized. The added personal touch is enough to make any gift unique for the graduate. Consider these five graduation gift ideas.

    Personalized Photo

    A treasured picture in a special frame is a meaningful gift for graduates of any age. For the high school grad going off to college, it might be a comforting reminder of home. Choose a photo that will mean the most to the graduate, whether it is of family, classmates, or of the graduation ceremony itself. Pair the photo with a frame that includes an inspirational message or even a simple “Class of 2013.” Picture frames can also be engraved with a special message to make them even more unique.

    Personal Pillow or Blanket

    Have you ever seen those pillows and blankets with pictures put right into the material? Doing this for the graduate with a picture of friends, special memories, or perhaps the cherished family dog will mean a lot. A pillow or blanket is a perfect gift for the high school grad to take away to college or for the college grad to take to a new home. If the grad has a favorite pillow already, you might consider sneaking it out to add that special photo. You can be creative on this. Photos can also be added to coffee mugs, bags, and key chains, to name several ideas.

    The idea of a t-shirt blanket has also become a popular graduation gift to give over the past few years. The blankets are made out of old t-shirts that remind the graduate about that certain time in their life. Popular t-shirts to include in the blanket are sports team shirts, club/organization shirts, shirts from special events they attended, shirts from places they traveled and etc. You can collect these shirts over time and when graduation rolls around you can surprise your graduate with the meaningful blanket that will remind them of all the great times they had. Whether your graduate is heading off to college or about to enter the “real world,” the t-shirt blanket is an affordable and one-of-a-kind gift to give any graduate.

    Meaningful Book

    A book is another meaningful gift when made personal to the recipient. A college grad might appreciate a simple cookbook or a book about being successful. Spiritual themes may be appropriate for the high school grad who is anxious about being on his own for the first time. Any book can be personalized even more with an inscription. Write just inside the front cover to commemorate the date, the occasion, and your best wishes for the graduate.

    Engraved Jewelry

    Jewelry is another gift that most people enjoy. Engraving a piece makes it that much more meaningful. A short message and date on the back of a watch or locket makes this type of present unique and personal. This gift carries special memories every time the graduate wears it away from home.

    Personalized Card

    I’m always big about cards. Including a card with a gift, or just giving a card alone, personalizes the gift and captures the moment forever. A card can say so much that nothing else can. There are sites such as Snapfish where you can make your own cards to say exactly what you want. Sometimes you can find just the right card that says what you’re feeling. Adding your own words says even more. The graduate will appreciate the sentiments and will have something to look back at to relive the moment, something that will be very comforting when times are tough.

    Consider personalizing the gift you choose for your special graduate. This will result in a meaningful gift that will always be remembered. These graduation gift ideas are sure to become special mementos in the graduate’s life.

    Author Bio:  Tiffany Faming is a freelance writer and English teacher. She writes on family, saving money, home decoration, and gardening. Please go to her site to see useful tips on various topics.

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