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  • Top 12 Money-Saving Tips for Kohls

    To help save you more, we’ve compiled a list of our best money-saving tips for shopping at Kohl’s. Thanks to you, the consumer, we were able to put this list together by compiling the best tips that you provided us with. We hope that you find this list to be a useful, money-saving resource. Below you’ll find the complete list of the tips, as well as, a link to the official pdf. Feel free to share these great tips with others. Happy Savings! :)

    Sign-up for the Kohl’s credit card: You will receive 15% off your total purchase the day you sign up and a 15% off “Pick-A-Day” coupon every month. If you spend over $600 in a year, you’ll become Kohl’s Most Valuable Customer (MVC) and receive six additional “Pick-A-Day” coupons a year with increased percentages off.

    Senior Day discount: If you’re over 60 years old, you can receive 15% off your total purchase on Wednesdays by presenting the cashier with a valid ID.

    Register for Kohl’s email alerts: When you sign up, you’ll receive a coupon for $5.00 off your next in-store purchase and 10% off your next online purchase. You’ll also receive additional percentage off coupons, as well as, updates on their current discounts and sales.

    Shop during Kohl’s Cash periods: Every six to eight weeks, Kohl’s offers shoppers an opportunity to earn $10 Kohl’s Cash vouchers for every $50 spent. When you earn Kohl’s Cash, it can only be redeemed during the stated dates on the card, so make sure you don’t miss them. To save even more, stack your $10 Kohl’s Cash vouchers with current coupons, sales and promotions that Kohl’s is featuring.

    Sign-up for cash back programs: You can earn a minimum of 5% cash back when you shop at Kohl’s using a UPromise or EBates account.

    Shop Kohl’s sales and promotions: During the End-of-Season and Holiday sales, Kohl’s offers anywhere from 60 to 80% off merchandise in every department. They also have flash promotions such as, Early Bird Sales (7am-1pm) and Night Owl Sales (3pm-11pm). Once a year, Kohl’s will host a “Lowest Prices of the Season Sale,” which varies in discount depending on retail changes and stock. These sales are not heavily promoted, so make sure you watch for advertisements because they’ll only be released a day or two in advance.

    Order from the Kohl’s kiosk: If you can’t find the style, size, or color of the item you were looking for in the store; order it from the Kohl’s kiosk. Your order will receive priority processing and be shipped to your house for free.

    Take advantage of Kohl’s Price Protection Policy: If you bought an item and it’s further reduced from the final price you paid; you can receive a price adjustment within two weeks (14 days) of the original purchase date.

    Kohl’s Price Match Program: Kohl’s will match competitors’ prices at the time of purchase. To redeem a price match, bring a copy of the competitor’s ad with the current date, price and product description on it.

    Sign-up for Kohl’s Mobile Sales Alerts: You’ll automatically receive a 15% off coupon that you can redeem on your next in-store or online purchase.

    Always check out “Today’s Ads”: On the Kohl’s website, you can find an official list of every current in-store and online promotion that Kohl’s is featuring. This can be found in the “Today’s Ads” section under the “Store Locator” tab on the Kohl’s homepage.

    Stay up-to-date on Kohl’s rebates: Make sure you check out the rebate section on the Kohl’s website. This will alert you of any current mail-in rebates they’re offering on popular purchase items.

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