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  • How To: Purchase Gift Cards for Less

    Paying full price for gift cards is a thing of the past. There are several different outlets for saving money when it comes to buying gift cards today. Some of these deals may be harder to find then others, but when they’re found, there are certainly some great savings to be had.

    Shop Daily Deal Websites

    Websites like Groupon and LivingSocial, will often feature deals on different gift card merchants. For example, they recently had an opportunity where consumers could purchase a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card for $4. These deals don’t come around all that often, so it’s important to check their site daily or subscribe to their newsletter if you don’t want to miss out on any of these savings. To receive even more savings opportunities, create an account on their site and plug in your location. By doing so, they will send you deals on gift cards to local restaurants, spas, and events going on in your area.

    Buy from Gift Card Discounters

    There are a variety of different gift card exchange services online today. Before buying from one of these sites, make sure you choose the right one for you; with a credible reputation, a history in the business, and an active presence on the internet. To avoid any possible scams, it’s important you do your research and choose a company that you’re comfortable with., an Inc. 500 company, has been in business for five years and offers some of the best discounts in the industry on gift cards from over 350 merchants – sometimes as much as 30% off!

    Check out Warehouse Store Membership Discounts

    Major warehouse and wholesale stores Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s sell gift cards for less than their face value (usually about 15% less). While it’s necessary to have a membership to get this deals, if you already have one this would be something great you could take advantage of. A membership with one of these warehouse or wholesale stores also includes discounts on gas (at the store), which is definitely another great perk of membership.

    Keep an Eye out for Holiday Bonuses

    During the holiday season, various restaurants and major retailers will offer exclusive gift card promotions to their consumers. For example, for every $25 of gift cards you buy, you’ll receive a free $5 gift card. These holiday gift card deals are frequently announced in November through radio, print ads and television. Make sure you pay attention to these deals during the holiday season because they only last a limited amount of time.

    Purchase in Bulk

    Almost every major grocery and convenience store will have a designated kiosk with gift cards to a variety of merchants. Sometimes these kiosks will have “bulk packs” of gift cards. These “bulk packs” usually include three or four gift cards to a merchant and sell for less than the total value of the cards. For example, a bulk page of four $25 iTunes cards will sell for $90 instead of their face value of $100. This is a great deal to take advantage of if you plan on giving the same gift to multiple people or if you shop at the merchant frequently.

    Do you have any other tips on how to buy gift cards for less? Please share your ideas and comments below!

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