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  • Gift Card Drive: Raise Money for your Organization

    As the popularity of gift cards continues to rise, more and more people find themselves carrying around gift cards to stores they do not patron. Why let those gift cards go to waste?’s Fund Raising Program allows you to collect those unwanted gift cards from your members and turn them into cash for your organization.

    The average American household has over $300 in gift cards going unused. This is a great opportunity to raise money for your organization without having to ask for cash donations. With the economy in its current state, raising money has become a difficult task. makes it a little easier by liquidating gift cards that are going to waste.

    Why work with is an industry leading gift card exchange site, qualifying for the 2013 Inc 500 as the 151st fastest-growing private company in America. We provide everything needed to start your fundraising campaign including marketing materials, collection boxes and tax receipts.

    How it Works

    Instead of asking for cash donations, members donate unwanted gift cards to your organization. Once collected, will issue a cash payment to your organization in exchange for the gift cards that have been donated. It’s a fantastic way to raise money without making members break out their check book. Simply set up a gift card donation box (provided by and start collecting your members unused and unwanted gift cards!

    Why Gift Cards?

    In the United States, the average family has over $300 in gift cards sitting their wallets, purses, and sock drawers going unused. provides an easy way to monetize these cards, while helping you raise money for your organization.

    What We Provide:

    • A Gift Card Donation Box
    • Custom Designed Flyers
    • Envelopes
    • Tax Receipt Forms
    • Tax Receipts
    • Any Support Needed

    How Do Tax Receipts Work?

    For those who donate large amounts and would like to deduct their donations from their taxes, provides an easy way to do so. Simply have the donor fill out a Tax Receipt form (name, address, amount of donation) and include it in the provided envelopes along with the gift card. Once receives the gift card donation, we will verify the amount of the donation and mail the donor a tax receipt to the address provided.

    How to Get Started

    Fill out our quick, two-minute fund raising application, here! Once completed, a Gift Card Drive Manager will contact you within 24 hours.

    More Questions?

    Please contact our Gift Card Drive Manager, Alex Gould, at or 410-696-2216.

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