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  • How To Prepare for Black Friday Shopping

    Black Friday is one of the best shopping days of the entire year. You can take advantage of a number of Black Friday shopping deals and save on holiday presents, as well as things you may need for your home or family. Since there are so many deals, you need to create an action plan before you even start shopping. These steps will help you prepare to go shopping.

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    Make a List of What You Want

    The first step in making the most of your Black Friday shopping is to make a list of the things that you want to buy. You can start by listing the people you need to shop for, as well as the items you need to buy if you find them on sale. This is a good starting point, but next to each person, list two or three items that would work so that you have options depending on what goes on sale for the year.

    Scout Out the Sales Papers in Advance

    The next step is to look at all of the sales papers to see where you can score the best deals for all of the items on your list. You may find that some stores have several of the things you want on sale, or that one store has a great deal on just one thing you need. As you look, list the sales price and store next to each item on your list. It helps to color code the stores.

    Combine Sales and Other Deals

    A way to save even more on Black Friday shopping is to combine the deals with the other discounts you have earned over the year. You can save even more by using a store credit card or debit card with your purchases. You may also have additional money off through loyalty programs like Kohl’s cash, and this is a great way to save even more.

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    Map Out Your Day of Shopping

    You need to take the time to map out your entire shopping day. Many of the stores have a time limit on their best deals, and will have a limited stock. This means you need to plan your day so that you hit the stores with the best deals, and your most important items first. It is important to have a list for each store with the most important items listed first. As you plan your shopping day, you will want to be sure that you are planning for the time you will spend in line to purchase each item. You may also want to take into account the location of each store and hit the stores that are close to each other at the same time. You can divide stores up between family members to save time, but you will need to plan carefully and stay in contact the entire time.

    Shop Your Favorite Stores for the Best Deals

    The best deals are for items that you would buy anyway. Since every store will offer some sort of Black Friday deal, be sure that you scour the deals at your favorite place to shop. For example if you love Kohl’s you should take advantage of Kohls Black Friday 2013 when you plan out your Black Friday shopping. They have some of the best deals each year, and you can score even more savings by using your Kohl’s card or purchasing a Kohl’s discounted gift card before you shop!

    Author bio: This article is written by Tiffany, a passionate writer and English teacher. She loves to write on family, custom gifts, fashion, saving money, home decoration and gardening. Please visit to Coupon 4 Mom blog to read more useful tips.

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