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  • 10 Things That Waste Your Money

    1. Holding onto gift cards that you will never use
    Holding on to gift cards with the intent of using them one day is a thing of the past. Now you can sell these cards back for cash that you will use! Sell your gift cards online and your check will arrive in the mail.
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    2. Topping off at the gas station
    That 39.00 looks a lot better on your credit card statement than 38.36, but filling up that extra few cents at the gas station is not giving you any extra benefit. The Environmental Protection Agency states that extra bit of gas either get sucked back into the storage tanks, or evaporating it in the vapor collection system, causing your car to burn more fuel.

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    3. Not keeping up with home maintenance
    Blowing off you home maintenance will make you have to spend more money than than if you took the time to upkeep your house. Failing to drain the water heater or not sealing your deck might allow you to save time and money in the present however, you will have an even bigger bill when you have to make extra repairs or replacements due to the neglect.

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    4. Using disposable products
    When you use disposable products you might as well just throw away cash. The convenience is undeniable but you can save up to $300 per year by cutting out paper towel usage. Making a smarter decision to purchase dish rags and reusable storage containers will save you in the long run.

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    5. Buying brand name goods
    Many times when you buy name brand products you are paying for the packaging and brand image. When you are looking at food products, compare the ingredients of the generic with the brand name to see if you are getting a better product. If you are buying something that will be disposed of quickly try spending the least amount possible.

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    6. Credit card interest
    Make sure you have the money to pay off your credit card bill at the end of the month. The only thing worse than buying something you can’t afford is buying something you can’t afford and then tack on a huge amount of interest. So make sure what you are spending money on is actually worth the extra money if you are planning to charge it.

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    7. Unused gym memberships
    According an article on Organlive 4 out of 5 Americans who have a gym membership are not using it. New Years comes around and the gym livens up for a week or two but afterwards you are stuck paying a monthly bill that is useless. Before you make a commitment at a gym make sure you are already practicing daily activity otherwise paying that monthly bill will not push you to start.

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    8. Extra Utilities
    The energy bill is high in the winter due to the cold temperatures outside. It is high in the summer because you have to have the air conditioning on. Doing simple insulation fixes could improve your electric bill drastically. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can increase your energy costs from 5 to 30%. Be sure to check around doors, electrical outlets, cable lines, and window frames for outdoor air.
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    9. Eating too much meat
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend almost $800 a year on meat, over 20% of their grocery bill. Vegetables and legumes should be the main course of your meal. Not only will your health improve but you will find yourself with a ton of extra cash.
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    10. Excessive grass cutting (bold)
    An easy way to save money is to lengthen the level you cut your grass. The shorter the blades, the more work you have to do to keep it looking good. If you keep your grass at 1 inch you will have to mow it once a week; however, if you keep your grass at 3 inches, you will find yourself outside mowing only twice a month. Also be sure to keep your mowing blade sharp to get the most out of each mow.
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