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  • Best April Fool's Products

    While many of you have spent your April Fool’s Day pranking your coworkers by wrapping their desk in aluminum foil, putting syrup in their coffee, and changing the keys on their keyboard. This year, some companies decided to prank their consumers, and they certainly went for the “yuck” factor. My three personal favorite company pranks were Chick-fil-a, Chobani, and Scope. These companies released three new products that were equally hilarious and disgusting. Each product was so out-of-the-box that I almost started to believe that they were real!

    1.) Chobani Greek Yogurt:

    I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of this company and their products. On Saturday, Chobani announced that they would be releasing a brand new flavor. Many of their consumers were eager with anticipation when they heard this announcement. On late Sunday evening, Chobani announced their new flavor of greek yogurt; “Easter Egg.” When I heard this, I immediately felt sick. I’m not a fan of hard-boiled eggs to begin with, so the thought of them in my greek yogurt was simply awful. It wasn’t until a few moments later that I realized this was actually an April Fool’s joke, and a clever one at that. I know many of their consumers were looking forward to the release of a new Chobani flavor. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to keep on waiting. One things for sure, Chobani definitely had the last laugh this April Fool’s.

    2.) Chic-fil-a:

    As we all know, Chick-fil-a is notorious for being closed on Sundays. Many of their consumers might not agree with this policy, but thanks to their “new” products consumers can satisfy their Sunday cravings. The release of their new Chick-a-strips and Chick-a-sticks are products designed to simulate the taste and smell of Chick-fil-a even when you can’t have it. Loyal consumers can say goodbye to those Sunday withdraws. My favorite part about this April Fool’s prank is that it shows that the company has a serious sense of humor. Chick-fil-a took a policy that they’re often reprimanded for and made it into a joke. The Chick-a-strips and Chick-a-strips was a clever way to address their company standards. If these products actually existed, I might just have to buy them. The novelty of these products is too hilarious to pass up.

    3.) Scope Mouthwash:

    Bacon. I mean, really? Who doesn’t love it? Even if your a health-nut and choose not to eat it or a vegan and don’t eat it, chances are you’ve had and you’ve liked it. I personally find Scope’s Bacon mouthwash unappetizing, but I know a lot of bacon lovers out there might disagree. I love bacon, but this has taken it too far for me. I’m glad this doesn’t product doesn’t actually exist because I can’t think of anything worse than someone’s artificial ”bacon breath.” Even though I’m not a fan of the product itself, the marketing campaign is pure genius. From the commercials, advertisements and catchy slogans, Scope hit the nail on it’s head with this one. The enormous amount of media attention that Scope received for their “bacon mouthwash” was victory enough.

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