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  • Coupons for Gasoline? Yes, please!

    With the recent increase in gas prices, consumers are finding that fuel costs have taken a hefty bite out of their income. According to the Oil Price Information Service, driver’s today spend nearly 8.5 % of their income on gasoline. However, most people don’t realize that they can ease the burden of high gas prices by taking advantage of coupons, discounts and savings cards.

    Gas stations are aware of the trouble that high prices are causing consumers, so they now offer coupons for discounts on gas. The gas coupons can be found in local newspapers, circulars, or online. Something as simple as a quick web search can result in coupons for as much as 7 cents off per gallon. That 7 cents can really add up when you plan on filling up your entire tank. 

    Even though these extra discounts offer great news, finding an online coupon for a gas station near you is the real challenge. Even if you do find one, you may actually save more money by using other methods. For example, filling up at warehouse stores like Sam’s Club or Costco, offer additional gas discounts to members.

    Deals can also be found through big-name grocery stores. For example, Giant let’s consumers accumulate points on their club card. Those points can then be exchanged for discounts on gas at select locations. Typically, for every $100 spent on groceries at Giant, consumers will earn 10 cents off per gallon of gas.

    Grocery store’s gas reward programs are becoming¬†increasingly¬†popular because people love to save money at the pump. With gas prices only expected to increase, it’s important to take advantage of any discount programs or coupons available. While many Americans continue to struggle in our economy, we want to help you get the most for your money.

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