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  • Curb Your Urge: How-to shop smart this summer

    the weather continues to heat up and we inch closer and closer to summer, before you know it you’ll be firing up the grill. In my opinion, summer is the best season for food. I can’t resist anything cooked on the grill. During the summer, I’m usually tempted to over-spend at the grocery store because I want to buy anything and everything I can cook on the grill! All the fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, chicken and steaks are sometimes just too good to resist!

    Well, I’ve decided that this summer my constant over-spending at the grocery store is going to change. I’ll still be eating all the fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood and meat that I want, but this year I’ll be shopping smarter. One of my major problems is that when I see all the beautiful, sweet smelling produce I have the urge to buy everything in sight. Before I know it, my kitchen’s over-flowing with all the food that I purchased. I know you’re probably thinking, “What’s the problem?” Well, the problem is that now I have an unnecessary amount of fresh produce in my house. It will be nearly impossible to cook and eat it all before it perishes. Now I’m faced with having to throw out any food that went bad before it had the chance to be eaten. Talk about money down the drain!

    I know I’m not alone here. More than likely, many of you have encountered this problem, but you just haven’t realized it was because of your over-zealous spending at the grocery store. To curb my urge to buy everything in sight, I’ve compiled a list of tips that will eliminate my summertime over-spending.

    According to personal finance website,, over-spending on food happens for a number of reasons. Those reasons range from poor planning to encountering deals that seem too good to pass up. For me, I think my major issue stems from poor planning. Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds them self throwing out food that has gone bad. found that the average person ends up wasting over 200 pounds of food each year!

    With that said, my first tip to eliminate over-spending at the grocery store is to plan out your meals for the week. By doing this before you go shopping, you can avoid access waste and won’t end up spending money on food that will never get eaten. If you want to go the extra mile and save even more, plan your meals around what’s on sale at your local grocery store that week. Just look in your local newspaper for a sale circular. Don’t get the newspaper? No worries, you can also find these online in a PDF downloadable form.

    To go along with planning your meals for the week, my second tip is to make a list. The most important part about making a list is sticking to it! Making a grocery list can help you spend considerably less on food, but only if you stick to it. When you go grocery shopping, make sure you’re focused on the task at hand. If you’re not, you’re more likely to purchase items that aren’t on your list. To avoid all temptation, make sure you eat before you shop. Grocery shopping hungry can cause you to spend 15 percent more!

    My third and final tip for not over-spending at the grocery store this summer is to avoid buy three, get one free sales! Yes, this may sound like a great deal at first but in reality this is just a way the grocery store entices you to buy more. They want you to purchase more items so it will increase your bill, as well as, the average number of products per purchase. Sometimes the buy three, get one free and two for $5 deals don’t actually save you any money. Sometimes the merchants will do this because this combination of numbers and prices sound cheaper than just the listing price alone. Next time do the math, make sure you’re getting an actual deal, and don’t buy three boxes of crackers if you don’t need them!

    If you want to avoid over-spending this summer, these tips should definitely help you cut down on costs. Remember you can have it all; you just don’t need it all at that exact moment! Wait for things to go on sale, plan your meals for the week, don’t waste food, avoid those sneaky “deals,” and stick to your list! If you do all of these things you will notice a decline in your total food cost this summer. These easy tips can really make a BIG difference! Happy smart shopping everyone! :)

  • Five Money-Saving Tips for Weddings

    The summer months not only bring the warm weather we’ve been longing for all winter, but they also bring weddings (and lots of them). Even if you’re not the one getting married, just attending a wedding can cause major stress on your finances. Between travel costs, hotel costs, and a gift, being a wedding guest can cost upward of $500. Now that’s one expensive open bar!

    We all love to attend weddings, especially if it’s a close friend or family member getting married. No one wants to miss that person’s special day because they can’t afford it. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that will help to curb the costs that a wedding brings. You’ll still be able to support the couple and have a great time without breaking the bank. After all, isn’t that what weddings are about?

  • Be Frugal this Fourth!

    The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Not just because it’s a break from the “real world,” but because you get to enjoy the warm weather by grilling out, watching fireworks, and decking yourself in everything red, white and blue. Who doesn’t love that? Don’t worry; I haven’t lost sight of what Independence Day) really means. I think our Founding Fathers would be proud of the way I choose to celebrate this holiday and display my American pride!

    As much as I love a festive Fourth of July cookout, I know that hosting the perfect shindig can cost a pretty penny. It may not seem like your spending a lot at the time, but when you add up that $20 here and $30 there, the costs can accumulate fast. Next thing you know you’ll be out $150 and you haven’t even factored in any last minute purchases! To help ease the ease the pain on your checking account, we’ve created a list with some helpful tips on how to have a frugal and fun Fourth of July!

  • 8 Ways to Save this Summer

    Now that the 4th of July came and went faster than you can say, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious it’s safe to say that summer’s in full swing. As many of you spend your weekends enjoying the warm weather, I’m sure staying frugal is the last thing on your mind. I find the summer months especially difficult for saving money because of all the fun things to do. With trips to the beach, days at the pool, water park getaways and vacations, it’s easy to exceed your budget. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself head over heels in debt by the fall.
    I love to get the most out of my summer and enjoy the warm weather as much as possible; however, I know I don’t want to be financially stressed all year because of three extravagant months of fun in the sun. Now, I’m not telling you to that you shouldn’t have fun and enjoy your summer. I’m simply saying that you should be smarter about where you choose to splurge and save. This way you can have the best of both worlds!

    Here are eight great tips that will help you stay frugal this summer, so you won’t be financially suffering come November:

  • 5 Tips for Reducing Your Tax Bill

    David Bakke is a writer for Money Crashers Personal Finance, where he shares tips for smart shopping, saving money, and building a long-term nest egg.

    The federal government recently allowed the payroll tax holiday to expire, which resulted in a reduction in take-home pay for many Americans. With the current national debt close to $17 trillion, more changes might not be out of the question in the future. You can’t control tax policy, but you can control your own personal economy. There are several measures you can take to reduce your overall tax bill simply by educating yourself and doing a little work. If you’re serious about saving money on taxes, check out the following helpful tips.

    1. Prepare Your Return on Your Own Check out the IRS website for free file fillable forms along with a list of organizations that can help you prepare your tax return for free – as long as your adjusted gross income is $57,000 or less. Alternatively, explore the many options for tax preparation software from your local retailer. Most are very user-friendly and are designed to maximize your return and minimize your bill. Plus, the cost of that software is tax-deductible. Preparing your own return also has the benefit of giving you an education on your own finances and how they interact with taxes, which can lead to even more ways to save.

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