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  • Five Money-Saving Apps You Can't Live Without

    We’ve compiled a list of five great apps that smartphone owners can use to help save them money, no matter where they are. The best thing about these apps is that they’re all free! Check out our list of the best money-saving apps below:

    1.) RedLaser
    • Great for comparing prices
    • Available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
    • Before you purchase a product, scan or manually enter the product’s bar code into the RedLaser app. The app will then generate a list of the best prices for the desired product. The list also details where the product can be purchased online and/or a nearby store. The app also gives you the option to buy the product instantly. It will take you directly to the website with the best price or give you directions to the local store where the product is located.
    2.) AMEX Sync Your Card
    • Great for getting exclusive deals
    • Available on Android and iPhone
    • Sync your card to your social media accounts at When you do this you can qualify for exclusive deals that will be credited on account statement. To receive credit it takes some social media interaction, like sending a tweet or checking in through FourSquare. In the end, receiving that extra $20 off at Target is worth it!


    3.) Key Ring

    • Great for all your loyalty cards
    • Available on Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry
    • Nowadays every major retailer has a loyalty program that requires customers to carry around a plastic card, in order to redeem any discount or specials. Thanks to the Key Ring app, you no longer have to carry around 10 different loyalty cards! This app lets you store all the information in your phone. Take a picture or enter the ID number on your card, then show the employee your phone to save and redeem rewards!

    4.) Coupon Sherpa
    • Great for storing and keeping track of coupons
    • Available on Android, iPhone
    • This app eliminates hours of annoying coupon clipping and having to search through various binders of coupons. Coupon Sherpa brings hundreds of coupons from major retailers and grocery stores straight to your smartphone. Before purchasing any product make sure you check Coupon Sherpa for any new deals and discounts. You don’t want to miss out on possibly saving an additional 20% off your purchase!
    • **Hint—Apply these coupons with discounted gift cards you purchased from to save even more! ;)


    • Great for getting the best deals on electronics
    • Available on Android, iPhone, iPad
    • This app is a MUST if you plan on making any big electronic purchases. tells you whether or not you should buy the product now, wait for the price to drop or wait for the release of an upgraded model. This app allows you to get the best deals on any electronic on the market.

    Bonus: The app allows you to monitor all your financial information in one place, including bank statement, credit card information, mortgages and credit union information. Even information for the smallest federal credit union can be uploaded and viewed, giving you complete financial picture  right on your phone.

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