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  • I just wanted send my compliments to your company and your customer service. I appreciate Ben’s and your swift responses to my concerns. It was great that Ben took the time to phone me this morning to update on the status of my refund. And even though I decided not to purchase this gift card I’ll be a future customer, especially since your company and team has been so helpful with the confusion regarding my recent purchase. Your company is a great and I’ll be sure to tell all my friends about it.

    Tanya Reid, Winston Salem, NC

  • Thank you for your great customer service! I really had my doubts about getting the money back. I can feel secure shopping with you again.

    James Lang, Aurora, IL

  • is a treasure trove of savings. I could not be more pleased with the excellent customer service. I receive prompt e-mails when cards are available from merchants I wish to buy from.

    I have made many purchases. On the two instances where there were glitches (I had ordered the wrong card once, and a card was returned when no one was available to sign for it) I received personal phone calls to assure me that fixing things would be quick and painless. I have even been able to ask and receive assurance that shipping be held so that cards would arrive after I’d returned from travelling. I always shop sales, and when I pay with cards from GiftCardRescue, my savings are multiplied.

    Thank you for such excellent service.

    L. Schroeder, Phoenix, AZ

  • Amazing! I have purchased gift cards off of ebay and have had a couple of problems that took 6 weeks to fix. Gift Card Rescue is quick, prompt and accurate. Great site. (first learned about it on The Sharks)

    Kelly J, Lanesboro, MN

  • I received a gift card from my employer for Target. That was all well and good but Target is not a store I frequent and I didn’t know any other way to get the most from this gift card. However, by doing a google search for gift card exchanges I found Their process was easy to follow and within days I received an gift code which I was able to use for a much wider variety of products. I would have been stuck with the Target card if it was not for Thanks for this valuable service! I have already recommended it to my friends

    Kimberly D

  • Gift Card Rescue provides a wonderful opportunity to turn those unwanted gift cards you receive from Grandparents, co-workers into vouchers you can actually use. Their range of vendors is extensive something for everyone. I appreciate their low cost and responsive customer service.

    J. Frotton, Portland, OR

  • I sold my gift card to Gift Card Rescue and I plan to be a loyal customer from now on! I received a Macy’s gift card for my birthday which I really appreciated; however, I don’t normally shop at Macy’sI am a Marshall’s and DSW kind of gal. I received money right away from Gift Card Rescue and I took it DSW to buy shoes for an event. This is better than carrying around the Sephora gift card I’ve had for 4 years, waiting for the exact right time to use it. I love this systemI’ve been rescued!!! Now I have a way to recycle all of my gift cards in the future and will tell other people about it too

    Sheri Betts, College Park, MD

  • This is such a fantastic idea. I always get a bunch of gift cards to stores I don’t shop at and then they just go to waste. Now through this site I can exchange them for gift cards to stores I actually shop at. I am thrilled!

    Sarah Garcia, Chicago, IL

  • I was thrilled about how fast and easy it was to turn my unwanted gift card into cash that I really needed. The customer service was exceptional, and very personable too.

    Ann Hinkle, Winchester, VA

  • This was my first time using Gift Card Rescue and my experience has been excellent. They offered several popular store cards to choose from. Selecting my cards and checking out was simple. The customer service is personal and prompt. I received my cards within days. I will be a return customer and have already recommended this site to friends.

    Bethany Mossman, Hutto, TX

  • I had an old gift card to a popular steakhouse that’s been sitting in my house forever. Thanks to, I was able to recover most of the value of the gift and use the funds for something more useful to mesports tickets! The process was quick and easy. I highly recommend this website and look forward to future transactions. Thanks!

    Tonya Wilborn, Dallas, TX

  • What a great service! I am going to pass the word to all my friends. Now I will never have a wasted gift card thrown in the drawer. It was so fast and easy. I love the paypal aspect of it.

    Michelle, Marietta, GA

  • I had a great experience with! They gave me a fair price for my unused and undesired gift card. Payment was fast and customer service was prompt and courteous. I would definitely use their services again!

    Ellen Dziaba, Buffalo Grove, IL

  • We received several gift cards for my daughter’s fifth birthday and some of them were from stores that we do not shop at. I carried the gift cards around for 8 months until I turned it over to and got cash for them. I was extremely happy about the prompt service and reliability of . I plan to use them in future to exchange my giftcards for my favorite store.

    Kranthi Mupparaju, Columbia, MD

  • Over the past month I discovered your website and placed a number of orders for the gift cards and you’ve proven to be quite trustworthy, so I’ve been very pleased with my purchases so far

    Luda Mirne, Marlboro, NJ

  • I purchased a dELiA’s gift card for my daughter’s birthday.Smooth Transaction.Great ValueI will do business with them again.

    Marcus B., Arlington, TX

  • provides great service I sold a $100 Best Buy card and received full payment, as committed, in record time! Safe, secure and confidential how’s that for a service?

    C. McDonald , Potomac, MD

  • I used to redeem a few gift cards that I had been holding unto for months since I never wanted to shop at the outlets the cards were from. The process was relatively simple and easy. The money was promptly deposited into my paypal account. I get gifts card often for the holidays since am difficult to shop for. I will definitely use again and will recommend it to my friends and family

    Elike Nuku, Boulder, CO

  • I had a $50 Macy’s card that was lying around since Christmas. I sold it on and the payment was deposited into my paypal account in record time. Impressive and fast service. I highly recommend and will use their service again as a quick and easy way of getting value out of unneeded cards

    Fafa, Baltimore, MD

  • I wanted to thank you for creating such a fabulous business. Over the past few years, I’ve been amassing quite a collection of gift cards of various dollar amounts. Some were gifts to stores that I really don’t frequent. Others were reimbursements from returned purchases. None of them were for large enough dollar amounts to warrant a special trip to the store. And all of them were taking up a sizeable portion of my wallet.

    When a friend referred me to your web site, I was grateful to learn that could consolidate all of my cards into one card for what turned out to be a sizable dollar amount. Now, I have the freedom to purchase a more substantial item that I really want from a store that I really frequent.

    What’s more, you made the gift card exchange so easy for me by providing a self-addressed envelope. I didn’t even have to think about it. And I received my return card in a matter of days. Voila! Why didn’t I do this sooner?

    Again, thanks for creating such a great service. I have already referred you to many of my friends and family. Keep up the great work!

    Cris Howard, Reston, VA